COVID Vaccine Hesitancy

  • By admin,

The COVID vaccine is one of the fastest developed vaccines with multiple types of vaccines which are either distributed or under trial all over the world. In the US, many people have already got access to vaccination so that they can have potential protection against the COVID-19 virus. Since the efficacy of the vaccines is tested, there is a chance that they are going to work properly in a huge part of the population. However, in some cases, few people are skeptical about the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine. Every 2 out of 3 people are interested to get vaccinated in the country.

All the people who are skeptical are proving their doubts based on a few specific parameters.

  • Most of these people believe in the fact that the death rate is really low, which is why most people who are affected by COVID-19 are getting recovered. Therefore, they feel the requirement of a vaccine is not there because so many people are getting recovered through treatment.
  • Some of the people are skeptical because they believe in any one of the conspiracy theories regarding the vaccine, which are available in plenty on the internet.
  • The most common idea which is present in many people is that since there are vaccines prepared by so many companies, the best one to be introduced is not chosen yet.

But presently after so many people are moving forward with the vaccination many people who were previously skeptical are now agreeing to it. This is because COVID vaccination is very important for providing resistance against the virus. Resistance is important as this virus kills multiple times more people compared to seasonal flu.

It is important to understand that there is a secondary effect of the viral infection that takes place in the body. Therefore, a preventive measure taken by the introduction of a vaccine is important to secure the body system against secondary infections.