DrugBank, the Database for Drugs and Drug Targets Information, expands Coverage to 7 New regions.

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DrugBank, which is the world’s most comprehensive, freely accessible, online database for molecular information on drugs, their mechanisms, their interactions, and their targets, has recently expanded its coverage to seven more regions, including – Colombia, Austria, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey. This will make the pharmaceutical knowledge base even more comprehensive and accessible.

First described in 2006, this database has continued to evolve over the years in response to changing needs for drug research and development. With this latest addition to the database, customers will now be able to access new drug datasets for drug indications and products peculiar to these new regions.

Those in the clinical software industry, such as EMR, can use their local region as an entry point to the remaining database’s knowledge.

Those who operate in several different regions can access clinical information through any combination of regions with a single Application Programming Interface. 

There are several customers who not only need information on various drugs but also perform complex analyses of data to obtain insights and make predictions for better medical outcomes. The expanded coverage will allow such customers to provide advanced clinical decision support using data analysis and insight generation.

How has DrugBank evolved over the years?

DrugBank was created as an online tool for academics and researchers so that they can have free, easy, and quick access to consolidated drug and molecular data. With time, it attracted the attention of many pharmaceutical companies, and later it was spun off by two former undergraduates – Mike Wilson and Craig Knox in 2015. Today, the free database is used by millions worldwide. The users include university researchers and students, doctors, pharmacists, chemists, nurses, drug companies, medical software, and pharma companies. 

The database has been used to analyze drugs, discover several new drugs, repurpose drugs and build predictive models.

Over the years, the DrugBank database has grown from a small drug database to a large, comprehensive drug data resource covering almost all aspects of drug formulation, function, mechanism, and metabolism. Throughout this journey, the focus has been on maintaining the highest quality and standards of data and listening to all members of its user community attentively. With the addition of 7 new regions, several new customers across the globe will be able to search and store up-to-date drugs info faster and with more accuracy.