Eddie C. Riley is Promoted to Senior Executive Service (SES) Ranks

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Eddie C. Riley was born and raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States. He is chief of staff in a key program office in the Department of Veteran Affairs. He was recently promoted to the federal government’s prestigious SES (Senior Executive Service) ranks on January 19th, during a virtual ceremony at Veteran Affairs headquarters situated in Washington, D.C.

Eddie’s role before being promoted and appointed by SES was as a leader in Veteran Affairs OEHRM (Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization). Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization (OEHRM) manages the Department of Veterans Affairs multibillion-dollar efforts to improve the health care of veterans’ with a new electronic health record system.

Eddie has served as acting chief of staff for OEHRM Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization) for more than a year before being appointed to SES. He brings outstanding experience with him at the table as he has 34 years of experience in the military, business and the federal government. He oversees all the administrative, HR (Human Resources), financial and strategic planning aspects for OEHRM Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization), which is charged with the executive management of the 10-year project worth USD 16 billion.

The program office is leading the implementation of Veteran affairs new EHR (Electronic Health Record) system at the departments’ 171 medical facilities.

Eddie has led the OEHRM workforce as it has achieved various milestones in the year 2020, which includes the initial launch of the new electronic health record (EHR) in October at MannGrandstaf VA Medical Center in Spokane, Washington, which is associated with clinics and an administrative facility in Las Vegas, impacting more than 24,000 veterans. VA is scheduled to deliver the new EHR (Electronic Health Record) system in place at all VA facilities by the end of 2028.