EHR Data Launching EHR Data Wavemakers

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On the 4th of Mach 2021, EHR Data announced that they will be launching the EHR Data Wavemakers, an advocacy movement aimed at encouraging, educating, and supporting individuals on the journey to empowerment of patients. With free control and access of their health information, EHR believes that people will be able to live healthier lives.

The current practice of data accumulation and sharing are inefficient and limited. The data in the Healthcare industry is distributed in varying systems that generally are not in communication with one another. Many times, patients and healthcare providers have restricted access to real-time and complete health records. The EHR Data allows people to securely own and manage their personal medical information by directly placing ownership of health data into the patient’s hands. At the same time, EHR also offers researchers and healthcare providers greater access to data. EHR Data utilizes the latest blockchain technology to show that interoperability is possible between varying healthcare systems.

Chief Scientist Ron Austring put forward that times have changed and that there has been an increased focus on the interoperability as well as people’s inalienable right to better access to data about their health. He stated that it was about time for healthcare data to have a more centralized location that will be authorized and managed by the patients themselves to enable their providers to access it whenever required.

To inspire transformation in the industry and to encourage discussion of data ownership, EHR Data Wavemakers will utilize social media and community outreach. My EHR Story, a digital campaign, is an integral factor for this movement. By using the hashtag #myEHRstory, people can detail their past stories of failed communication or healthcare data that negatively affected them via social media.

Tracy Hill, EVP, stated that we must inspire people to have ownership over their own data because it will motivate them to have complete control over their health. She explained that it would take an enormous amount of people striving for change to transform data access and ownership.