GIDEON, the Infectious Disease Database, Transforms its Interface to Meet Modern Clinical and Academic Users’ Diverse Needs!

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GIDEON, the evidence-based medicine database, recently announced a major product upgrade, which will allow users to easily compare and be updated on diseases, drugs, and microbes.

With an aim to create the next-gen research experience, the GIDEON team collaborated with hundreds of medical scientists, microbiologists, librarians, health science professors, epidemiologists, and students from 26 different countries to completely transform its robust toolkit.

User feedback also proved valuable in guiding the process from the earliest prototype to the last day of development. 

Before its release, the interface underwent four iterations of design and three rounds of testing: alpha 1, alpha 2, and beta releases. In a bid to make the design user-centric, live testing feedback was collected anonymously.

Besides recording hundreds of hours of interaction data for usability analysis, trusted advisors were asked to submit their thoughts directly via the interface and pop-up surveys. This collaborative approach completely transformed the research experience on the platform and led to the introduction of several new features, such as – 

  • More than 2000 pathogens can be identified with the help of Bayesian analysis-driven decision trees
  • Epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, educators, medical librarians, researchers, students, and others can access outbreak maps dating back to 1348 AD.
  • Step-by-step diagnosis to help future medical doctors learn the process of disease diagnosis.
  • Dynamic comparison tables to compare more than 360 infectious diseases, more than 330 anti-infective drugs, and more than 2000 pathogens.
  • Epidemiologic data visualization tool using which researchers can mix and match more than 34,000 graphs to generate their own dynamic charts.

According to Uri Blackman, the Co-founder, and CEO of GIDEON, using the new tool, physicians and medical students will be able to improve the diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease in just three steps. They just need to gather and enter patient information; view differential diagnoses, and review treatment options.

GIDEON is a continuously updated resource for professionals, with a vast database covering more than 230 geographical areas, 79000 surveys, 34000 graphs, 25000 outbreaks, and in-depth phenotype information on more than 2,000 pathogens.

With an average of three new diseases being described every two years and a new pathogen reported every week, keeping up with new information on infectious diseases is a big challenge for medical professionals. GIDEON’s latest web portal provides medical professionals accurate and up-to-date information on infectious diseases so that they are better prepared to diagnose diseases and save more lives.