Insurance Companies not covering the Costs of Every COVID-19 Test

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According to the federal CARES Act, Lawmakers promised that the covid tests are free to all Americans. Still, some people have been issued bills for their covid tests. It seems that the Insurance companies are not covering the costs of every covid-19 test. The Commissioner of Pennsylvania mentioned that, If your doctor suggests you take the test then that test will not be considered for billing. But in cases, like you need to voluntarily appear for a covid test when your doctor tells you that it is not necessary, then that test will be issued a bill by the provider.

United Healthcare

You will have a $0 cost-share for covid tests ordered by physicians, within the national public health emergency period, which is scheduled to end by April 20, 2021. The test should not involve any cost-sharing and it must be an FDA authorised test. United Healthcare will cover the expense for testing according to your healthcare benefit plan.


Cigna will cover the out-of-pocket expenses while undergoing a covid test through January 21, 2021, and treatment services through December 31, 2020. You can also expect Cigna’s covid-19 customer protection program help if you have gone out of network where it costs you an unexpected bill for covid-19 diagnosis. There is no additional cost for eligible customers in this program.


A doctor ordered covid-19 tests and the tests with no out of pocket costs will be covered by all Anthem plans.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

This waiver is valid through March 31, 2021. Once the test is approved by a licensed medical professional, all the expenses will be covered with no additional costs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

When recommended by physicians your health plan will cover the FDA authorized diagnostic testing. Some labs may not conduct tests without a doctor’s order and your health plan’s network may not contain several testing locations.

If the Insurance Company failed to cover your bill, then you have to do this.
Firstly, contact your insurance company to check whether the healthcare provider has used an incorrect billing code. Then, claim the payment by filing an appeal against your insurance company. Lastly, consider reaching out to the State Insurance Department.