Limited Supply of ‘First Dose’ COVID19 Vaccines in Florida

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The constrained supply of COVID-19 vaccines has led Florida’s top public health officials to urge hospital executives on Tuesday to show themselves at county health departments if they need vaccination for newly hired staff members and patents.

Scott Rivkees, Secretary – Department of Health, has told the hospitals that they cannot use the second dose of vaccine supplies for providing the initial vaccination to more people. This was remarked bu the Rivkees on the changes made by Governor Ron DeSantis for providing vaccination to more people’s and setting his top priority for people of age 65 and older.

However, hospital executives pressed Scott Rivkees on the state’s limited supply of the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines and how will they be able to share the part from that limited supply.

Patrice Vance, Vice President – Quality and risk of HCA Hospital Company, questioned regarding the availability of the COVID-19 vaccines for the newly hired employees. Whereas, Rivkees didn’t give any straight answers on this question and told hospital officials to reach out to the county health department. As the health departments are playing a major role in the vaccination of health care personnel in the community.

Windell Smith, the Operations administrator at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, pointed out that the facility has not received any of the additional first doses of COVID-19 vaccine and it had been five weeks.

State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, D-Orlando, exclaimed that hospitals are the only providers that are authorized to vaccinate the frontline health care workers, as well as the vulnerable populations that Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed to protect the people 65 and older by doing the vaccination.

Rivkees also said that Florida’s allocations from the federal government have announced on a week to week to basis.