November 2020 AMA Special Meeting Highlights

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The November 2020 AMA Special Meeting happened virtually till 17th November from 12th November.

The meeting was held addressing a wide range of topics on public health, medical education, payment, and clinical practice.

12th November, Thursday

The November 2020 AMA Special Meeting begins with the interview of Anthony S. Fauci, MD, Director of the NIAID took by AMA Executive Vice President and CEO James L.Madara. Further, it was followed by a panel discussion consisting of some AMA’s top executives:

  • Todd Askew, Senior VP – Advocacy
  • Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH, Chief health equity officer
  • Christine Sinsky, MD, VP – Professional satisfaction
  • Susan Skochelak, MD, MPH, Chief academic officer

13th November, Friday

The 2nd day of the meeting started with AMA member Charles E. Moore, MD spreading awareness about head and neck cancer and talked about forming Healing Community Center followed with the awarding of a Georgia-based Otolaryngologist with Benjamin Rush Award for Citizenship and Community Service.

Then, James L. Madara, MD provided the fact that AMA is long-term and policy-driven, and its strategic plan has put the organization on the right path as well as what the organization has provided during the pandemic.

The day ended with the AMA President Susan R. Bailey, MD addressed the torture of Physicians fighting the two-front battle with Pandemic and misinformation spreading.

14th November, Saturday

The reference committees started with the 3rd day in which AMA delegates testified on more than 100 reports and resolutions came up for consideration in the meeting.

  • Reference Committee on Amendments to Constitution & Bylaws and Reference Committee D (Public Health) met till 3 p.m. Central
  • Reference Committee A (Medical service) and Reference Committee B (Legislation) met from 3:30-6:30 p.m. CST.

15th November, Sunday

The reference committees continued on the 4th day of the meeting.

  • Reference Committee E (Science & Technology) and Reference Committee G (Medical Practice) met from 9 a.m. Central till noon.
  • Reference Committee C (Medical education) and Reference Committee F (AMA Governance & Finance) met from 9 a.m. Central till noon.

16th November, Monday

On the 5th day, various agendas were discussed by the Panel which focused on:

  • Forming a commission in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US.
  • Making changes in the Merit-based incentive payment system to ensure that Physicians get paid appropriately.
  • Setting proper rules & regulations to deal with the patient of substance used disorder.

Many other issues were also discussed such as the threat of racism to public health, immunization of physicians against COVID-19, and providing proper help to doctors and students struggling with their mental health.

17th November, Tuesday

The 6th day was followed by some major topics discussed by the Panel:

  • Health Plans were discussed that are not limited to the healthcare system and cover non-clinical services as well.
  • Policies to ensure proper access to health services to the Medicaid patients were adopted.
  • The importance of battling the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 was also discussed.
  • The seriousness of police brutality as a threat to public health was raised in the meeting.
  • The shortage of essential drugs during the COVID-19 was measured as a big problem in the meeting.

18th November, Wednesday

The AMA Special Meeting concluded with some important discussions such as:

  • Ensuring stricter rules & regulations on the administration of dietary supplements
  • Providing the residents and fellows of the now-closed Hahnemann hospital, with financial help so that they can continue with their studies

Making better policies and infrastructure to ensure proper handling of substance used patients and preventing overdose cases.