Nurses Association contract negotiations with Albany Medical Center

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The Albany Medical Center is still struggling with contract finalization with the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA). The negotiations are going on between Albany Medical Center and the New York State Nurses Association since 2018. The President and CEO of Albany Medical Center, Dr. Dennis McKenna says that the center and NYSNA had 74 bargaining sessions as well as 80 agreements for 2 years period and no deal reached the finalization stage. The Albany Med Management also accused the New York State Nurses Association of using the pandemic as bait to put the Medical Centre under pressure for accepting their terms. Now, to put pressure on Albany Medical Management, NYSNA and it’s members are planning a one day walkout expected to happen on the 1st of December. The NYSNA Union is also planning to discuss the PPE situation at the hospital as a current issue which is expected to happen on Saturday.

The Albany Medical Center nurses were supported by other union members of NYSNA as a symbol of unity as well as they were also given a helping hand from the State Senator, Elect Michelle Hinchey. Hinchey as a sign of support to nurses said that “These are the front line people, taking care of our loved ones, putting their lives, themselves, their families at risk”.

A New York State Nurses Association staff member said that “Inform and Call Dr. McKenna and tell him to come back to the table to discuss the terms so we can settle this contract, and our nurses are not out on strike on Tuesday”.

Albany Medical Management has to suffer on Tuesday if the contract is not settled, the nurses will show their rage in the form of a strike which is not good for the Hospital and its management as well as patients will also suffer along. The current position of NYSNA is in much strength to put negotiations in front of Albany Med Management as they are under much pressure (due to pandemic situation) to listen to their demands.