Preparing Pitch for Local Digitization of Medical Records

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A set of medical experts are preparing a “deep dive” into Jamaica’s health sector with a plan full of ambition to renew the outdated infrastructure of the paper-based medical record with the world-class digital system.

Tsahia Hobson ( United States-based healthcare consultant ) and Dr. Camille White ( Expert – Implementing Electronic Health Records & Big data health platforms) are hoping to make the interest by laying out their proposal of intent to the Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton.

The proposal will be discussed with the minister in the first quarter of this year as Hobson said because the pitch is not yet been made.

Hobson said that “they are still in very early stages as they have not yet reached the Ministry of Health” but she also said that “it is the necessary and a very clear next step to do and we will also discuss the establishment procedure with the services being offered”.

There have been much of a discussion over the calls for years on improvising and getting a more modern format of storing and accessing health records.

Dr. Delroy Fray (Physician), exclaimed in 2019 that the digital database platform can make the health sector service delivery much faster than the Concorde. He also exclaimed that the digital system will revolutionize the whole medical infrastructure suddenly.

Hobson is very much excited as she is able to see a lot of opportunities in the healthcare sector of Jamaica. The digital health startups as well as EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) both can be implemented and transformed into the Jamaica healthcare sector.

The duo is not going to skip the major step of understanding the needs of the Jamaican healthcare sector.

They will be establishing a communication strategy, governing structure, value metrics for using the system as well as learning about the Jamaican population and their culture to gauge and develop the kind of program which is needed and will be easily accepted by the government.