RexPay Launches All-in-One App to Address Medical Billing Pain Points

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A Phoenix-based health-tech company RexPay launches an all-in-one medical billing app that enables patients to track, pay, and manage their medical bills in one place. The app was launched in November 2019 for users, and since then, it has been rescuing patients from their medical bill mayhem. However, since Spring 2020, the RexPay app is available to providers as well.

Rachel Mertensmeyer, the CEO and founder of RexPay, came up with the idea to create an app that addresses patient woes regarding bill payment and management only after she experienced the challenges when she was a patient herself in 2016. As she says, “I had over 38 medical bills across 11 different healthcare provider systems and over $10,000 in personal out of pocket costs. I had felt the pain of trying to navigate and understanding what I owed and when I owed it and the difficulty of paying multiple bills across different payment portals and not having a convenient way to track all my medical bills in one place easily.”

While developing the medical app, Mertensmeyer tried to understand pain points related to patient billing, and for that, she interviewed over 200 patients and 100 administrators within the healthcare system and provider space.

Features of the RexPay app:

  • Automated patient engagement through actionable push notifications sent via email and text.
  • In-app mobile bill payment and delivery.
  • Convenient and customizable options for payment, including automated self-payment plans, immediate or scheduled plans.
  • Staff-free patient education such as chatbots to answer billing queries, automated duplicate bill detection, etc.
  • An all-in-one medical billing app enables patients to pay any provider and organize and manage their medical bills in one place. 

To expand its reach for patients and providers, RexPay partnered with Change Healthcare and Athena Marketplace recently. Mertensmeyer says, “Change Healthcare has enabled us to access 80 percent of health insurance plans via a direct API. So essentially that means that patients can download RexPay and connect to their insurance plans.” At the same time, Athena Marketplace has enabled RexPay to establish a backend connection with healthcare providers using Athena’s health platform.