Terms of use

We have Terms of Use Agreement document that you can find at the footer of the home page. Read the document to understand the complete terms and conditions better. You are informed your visit to our website or service usage means you have accepted to follow the rules mentioned in the document. In case you have any doubt, then refrain from visiting the website to avoid unpleasant circumstances. This would be the right action you can take here.

We might change the rules as required. So, you are also advised to visit the site and read the document to check the latest updation at the right time. It would give you the accurate information that you need to follow while visiting our website again. Also, all minute details would be available along with the revision date that you can refer to. This means the next time you visit our website, you have agreed to follow the recent changes in the document.

The terms “we,” “us,” ”our” all refer to the Healthtech Reach. The terms of use look over the statistics, articles, images, trademarks, indexes, formulas, analysis and others. These can be uploaded, shared, sent by the vendors and other third-party providers.

In case, you violate the terms and conditions, we have all rights to take action. We can block you from visiting our website and further hold back to use our service. With that we can also take the legal action. Thus we request you to read the entire document carefully and further revisit the website page at different times to check the latest updation. It would let you make the right decision at the right time. You can also be a responsible reader following the rule of the service provider and avoid the termination of the service.